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Breann Bowman

These days nearly every person you meet has some sort of account on a social media forum. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, we all enjoy being able to connect with eachother. However, I often find myself overwhelmed with all of these options. There's a lot of pressure to post something every day, but Heaven forbid you post more than once, otherwise you're marked as an "overgrammer". It's no wonder so many of us go on social media purges and start deleting apps one by one.

I personally have removed myself off certain social media forums either because I didn't enjoy them, or they simply weren't being used. I have often wished there was a social media outlet I could use that balanced out me not feeling guilty about overposting, but didn't have the pressure of writing  a full blog post. Most of all, I really wanted was a place to share a story in a simple and to-the-point form. Hence, the Steller App.


Steller is an app in which you post your "Stories". This can cover anything from a vacation or photoshoot, to recipes and DIY projects. I like to think of them as mini blog posts. 


The app is extremely easy to use, and has beautiful, clean layouts. There are several options for adding text to photos, and creating a story that's very aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention, the 'Categories' feature makes it easy to organize your stories, and re-publish ones from other authors you enjoy. It's like the perfect hybrid of Instagram, Pinterest and a blog - but better!

It's currently available in the App Store and is absolutely free! I highly recommend downloading and giving it a whirl. It might just be the only social media app you end up using! 

Feel free to follow me on Steller, username @thingswefancy.