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Breann Bowman

Annie has been a dear friend of mine for a long time. I've known her since the 6th grade, and had the privilege of working with her in a salon after cosmetology school. I have always been impressed and inspired by her styling skills. She is the master of up styles, blowouts and braids. I'm so glad I was able to rope her into sharing one of her tutorials. What I love most about her tutorials is they only look difficult, but they're actually quite easy once you get your hands in there. You can see more of Annie's work by visiting her YouTube Channel and Instagram!

Begin with slightly teased and hair sprayed hair for texture, and a DUTCH BRAID along your hairline traveling down the side to your temple. Secure the end with a clear elastic or bobby pin, then begin to pancake the braid by gently tugging the strands to give it a fuller look. 

Just past the dutch braid you'll begin a FISHTAIL BRAID, secure at the end and pancake out as well.

Add an additional fishtail (or dutch if you prefer) braid to the opposite and pancake.

Pull into a messy side bun, bobby pin where needed, and hairspray for a good hold. You can stop here and look absolutely amazing, or continue on the following steps with extensions for a little more flair. 

Take two extension pieces, fishtail braid and pancake them, then add one at a time to your messy bun. Annie has taken the first piece, placed it toward the bottom of the bun, then wrapped and pinned toward the top.

Next take your second extension piece and pin at the bottom. Then lace it through the first braid (you know, to give it character), and secure with bobby pins. Hairspray all over for additional hold. You can also pull little wispy pieces out around your temples for a more effortless look. Voila! Now you're ready to take on the day with a style that will keep heads turning!

Annie currently resides in Arizona with her loving husband and three gorgeous children. You can see more of her tutorials on YouTube and Instagram (linked above). If you try any of Annie's styles, post them on Instagram and tag @anniesforgetmeknots - we would love to see your creations!