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Breann Bowman

It's probably no surprise to anyone that Ben and I are obsessed with Trader Joe's. We go there about once a week (sometimes twice) to stock up on essentials. Here are a few of my favorite TJ's products that we buy just about every week.

Ben and I have tried to set a goal to eat out as little as possible. Going out to eat has been a huge problem of ours. With us both working full time and doing everything else outside of that, it's difficult for us to find the time to cook a meal, let alone sit down and eat it together. However, I've noticed that when we try a little harder and make the time to sit down to a meal, our relationship seems to thrive. I now find myself looking forward to those moments when we get to relax and share some homemade food together. That being said, this list isn't a compilation of meal ingredients. Rather, they're the little things that we need to keep around consistently to snack on and incorporate into our meals.

Milk and eggs are essential to pretty much every kitchen if you ask me. I typically like to buy raw milk from local farmers, but since it can be expensive and a long drive to get to every week, I like to buy this Organic Cream Top Milk at TJ's. I always buy full fat milk, it's better to cook with and tastes much better in my opinion. Ben and I are also big advocates for humanely raised chickens. We only buy eggs that are either free range or pasture raised if we can. 

Fresh and frozen fruit are always in abundance these days. Ben and I finally found our Magic Bullet and have really gotten into smoothie making. I'm working on trying to get used to adding spinach to mine, I swear it's an acquired taste. The frozen pineapple tidbits are our absolute favorite, We go through about 3 bags a week. Avocados are also high on this list. We have them with just about everything.

I know everyone and their mom rants and raves about these Chile Lime Chicken Burgers. Well, I can't blame them. They're freaking amazing. We have these about once a week either as actual burgers, on top of salads, or protein style with some plain avocado and salsa on top!


Last but not least, my three absolute favorite Trader Joe's items. Their Salsa Verde is the absolute BEST jarred salsa I have ever found. I could drink it straight out of the jar like my grandpa. Then there's the Dark Chocolate with Caramel and Black Sea Salt. HOLY CRAP. This is my favorite chocolate bar. No joke, I don't even share this with Ben anymore. If he wants some he needs to get his own haha! And of course, peonies while they're in season!

The list is pretty basic, but it's what helps us survive the week and avoid runs to Taco Bell. Do you have any Trader Joe's must-have's on  your shopping list I should know about?