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Breann Bowman

Well friends, as Ben and I sat down to eat dinner last night (In N' Out Burger... no shame) we had a talk about some fun changes coming to Things We Fancy. With that we have a little announcement to make...

It didn't take much convincing, but Ben has agreed to begin writing posts for Things We Fancy! I can't begin to explain how excited and happy this makes me. So much of what goes on behind the scenes of this blog includes him. Almost every home or DIY project is something that he and I have created together. Most of my thoughts and feelings I express on here come as a result of late night chats with him. He has always been my partner in crime and I'm ecstatic that you will be able to read our story through his words. 

Ben has a lot of really wonderful insight on several topics and issues that I like to write about. I hope that you, as my readers, will enjoy a man's perspective. We think that this will add a new and fun dynamic to the posts written here. He will be covering a variety of topics such as the heavy duty work that goes into our DIY projects, cooking and recipes, technology, his health journey, movie reviews, and general observations about life, people and the universe.


We hope you are as excited as we are! Stay tuned for some Ben posts!