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Breann Bowman

Today, I really didn't know what to wear. Typically I have some sort of idea the night before as to what ensemble I want to put together. I do an inventory in my mind of what's clean, what's ironed, and if I've shaved my legs (critical stuff here folks!) Anyway, no such thing happened last night. I was too distracted by the E! Channel app and stories of Kim K's butt breaking the Internet. Thanks a lot Mrs. West, you almost ruined my day. 

I say almost because a few months ago I cleaned out my closet of items I never wear. I decided to fill my wardrobe with pieces that work together and are of good quality. I like looking like a million bucks every day, not just once a week with that one killer outfit. So with all my style posts, I want to share with you guys what clothing items you should invest in, what you can save on, and how to make sure you love your outfit each day, even if the Kardashian apocalypse takes over!


Two Closet Staples every girl should have are:

1. A black A-line skirt

2. A chambray shirt

A black, A-line skirt is one of those great versatile pieces that can easily be dressed up or down. Try and find one that accentuates the smallest part of your waist. A good pleat also makes a skirt look perfectly tailored and pricer than what it was. I got this one from H&M!

A good chambray shirt is a must have closet staple. They literally go with everything! Invest in a good one though. The one I'm wearing is a bit old, so it's time I start saving for a new one. Check out places like Madewell or The Gap for Chambray tops.