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The WE Project

Breann Bowman

Today I wanted to post about a new shop that I absolutely love called The WE Project.

photo 1.JPG

"The WE Project sells fashion badges to be worn as stylish accessories or emblems of honor. All of these badges declare the same message: "It's cool to care." Our goal is to help parents broaden their children's awareness of others in need.

By coming together for a common cause, WE can make fashion a little more meaningful. Our hope at The WE Project is to help everyone embody a style that stands for good, a style that looks good and one that feels good too."


Though The WE Project's goal is focused on teaching children, I believe that it applies equally to adults as well. 

About a year ago, I experienced a pretty bad fallout with a close friend. I felt hurt and really angry. It was really difficult for me to  let go of all the pain I was feeling from it. Then, a very sobering moment occurred one night laying in bed when I came across my great grandmothers obituary. In it, I discovered that there was nothing but nice and lovely things said about her. Others always commented on how sweet a woman she was, a leader and a friend. It made me realize that I want to live my life in the same manner.

Do I want to be the kind of person who is nasty, and puts others down in order to feel better about myself? No! I want to be the person who is a friend to everyone! I want to be nice and loving, because it builds people up and helps spread kindness. It doesn't  matter what we've been through or how we've been treated - we should always try a little harder to be a little kinder. 

This is why I LOVE The WE Project so much! They are focused on spreading kindness and teaching that IT'S COOL TO CARE!!! Be a friend to everyone and stand for something. What better message can we impart to children and adults? On top of which you get to wear a super cool badge to show that you've made a pledge! 

Head over to The WE Project now to purchase your awesome badges! Bonus, all purchases made before December 24th will receive 20% with the "Holiday" promo code, and a free Christmas Sweater badge (pictured above) with a purchase of 3 badges or more.