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Breann Bowman

Last night I had a girls get together at my house, and man was it a blast! Just 5 of the sweetest friends a girl could ask for came over in PJ's to watch a little TV and chit-chat for hours. We had Dirty Diet Cokes and Dr. Peppers, and they were a hit! 


What is a Dirty Diet Coke/ Dr. Pepper you ask? Well my friends, it's only all of the best things combined into one drink. If i knew the creator, I would walk straight up to them and give them the biggest hug.


Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper 

Fresh Sliced Limes

Crushed Ice (it just makes every beverage better)

Half & Half

Coconut Syrup - you can buy this from the store if you wish. I made my own by boiling 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar together until dissolved, then adding 3 teaspoons of coconut extract. 

Fill a glass/ mason jar/ tumbler/ whatever you love half way with ice. Add approximately 1-2 tablespoons of coconut syrup, pour your soda over, squeeze a quarter of a lime and throw it in, then a splash of half & half on top. Mix it all together with a straw, sit back, and enjoy the little glass of paradise that sits in your hand. Measurements of the mix-in's can of course be added or reduced to your liking. It can be as dirty as you like!

**Now while I normally am a huge advocate of healthy and whole eating, these definitely DO NOT fall under that category. But, they're so good I had to give in for just one night - I just keep telling myself, one soda is not going to make me sick and fat just like one salad isn't going to make me healthy and skinny.**