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Instagram Photo Tips and Tricks - Part I

Breann Bowman

Today I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks to creating a great Instagram photo. This is Part I in a three part series! I am not a photographer by any means, but I am slowly learning how to edit and create fun images to share with friends! Below are  few photos that I'm proud of!


Tip #1 - Lighting

Lighting is the NUMBER ONE most important thing for creating a great photo in my book. When indoors, it's best to be in a naturally and well lit room. This means taking them during the day. Open all the blinds and curtains but stay out of the direct light. If you're outdoors, try to find a shaded area. Always have your subject with light shining on them rather than coming from behind. Filters can always brighten up an image, but they look even better over an image with great lighting.

Tip #2 - Cropping

I find that many posts I see on IG are trying to fit the entire image onto that tiny little square. Don't be afraid to crop out parts of your picture when editing. One way to avoid figuring it out all together is to take the picture in square mode. If you're on an iPhone the new iOS update allows you to do that. For example, my top right picture of my dog Bruce crops out a portion of his face and still looks great!

Tip #3 - Positioning

Personally, I think the best photos are the ones that are either at eye level or shot from directly above. For example, the bottom left photo of me sitting in half lotus. This was taken at ground level, and angled as though the camera was resting on the floor. It looks so much better than if the photographer had taken it from a standing position or an angle shot. You only have so much space in that little square so make it count by creating simple subjects.

Next week I'll be sharing my favorite photo editing apps and how I utilize them in creating my photos!