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Warby Parker - Meridian Collection

Breann Bowman

When looking back on my 3 years of marriage, I think it's pretty safe to say that my husband and I are adventurers. Our vacations have included jumping off of gorgeous waterfalls, wandering the majestic Muir Woods, and venturing some of the most exciting cities in the country. A typical weekend in the Bowman agenda usually entails rappelling off of desert cliff sides, floating down lazy rivers, and driving off-road with the windows down to find the perfect view.

Living in Arizona, a good pair of sunglasses is practically as necessary as water. When the sun blazes in the mid-summer heat, my shades need to be functional, practical, stylish, and up to the challenge of all my adventures.

When it comes to sunglasses, I'm a pretty picky girl. I like my shades to be great quality and look amazing at the same time. This "preference", if you will, has even leaked over to my husband and his shopping. We like nice things, but we don't like them to break the bank. It's not that we're cheap, I just can't justify spending $300 on a pair of designer sunnies that have the potential to snap in my purse.


A few months ago, a friend mentioned Warby Parker to me. I had never heard of them, but quickly proceeded to see their website. I immediately fell in love. The frames, styles and quality of their sunglasses were right up my alley. Not to mention, they are completely AFFORDABLE! So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to help them launch their new Meridian Collection!

Below are my two favorite styles from the collection.



The Flannery's are the ultimate pair of sunglasses. Though they can be worn by both men and women alike, these are the one's I'd choose for my man.

First off, they're aviators - EVERYONE looks good in aviators. Robert Redford and Tom Cruise (circa Top Gun era) just to name a couple. They're perfect for a morning hike or his next wild adventure. I think my favorite part about these are the faded shades and sleek silver look. You can purchase them here.


 Well ladies, these are my number one pick. As stated before, aviators look good on EVERYONE, and in my humble opinion, they especially look good on women. As much as I love fun and girlish styles, I always turn to the classics. Again, these can be worn by men and women alike, but there's just something about setting off a soft feminine face with some masculine frames. The beauty of the Raskin, is they aren't overpowering. Instead they provide a great balance, and I mean, come on... they come in GOLD. You can purchase them here.

Head over to to check out the entire Meridian Collection, and all of their other fantastic styles. Warby Parker will even send you up to 5 pairs to try on at home!

Last but not least, one of my favorite things about Warby Parker is when you buy a pair of sunglasses, they will give another pair to someone in need through non-profit partners. How cool is that? You can look amazing, and help those in need!

Thank you to Warby Parker for selecting Things We Fancy to 

assist in launching the new Meridian Collection

 photos for this post were provided by Warby Parker

 photos for this post were provided by Warby Parker