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How I became healthy

Breann Bowman

So, I haven't written a blog post in like... forever, which is pretty much what I say every time I have a new post! What can I say? I'm busy and I'm lazy and most people only check out my Instagram anyway! Haha! Today I really wanted to share something that I'm passionate about. Some of you may have seen my posts about eating "real food", how I'm a crazy lady for drinking raw milk and how I am a huge advocate for embracing a healthy and nourishing lifestyle. 


My journey began after going through a really difficult holiday season last year. There were a lot of things and changes happening in my life, and I found myself in a somewhat low place. I looked at a few members of my family who struggle with poor health, one of which is my Dad, who has been diagnosed with diabetes. I watched silently as they would prick their fingers to test blood sugar levels and later have to give themselves a shot in the stomach with insulin. I decided then and there that I would never let my health get to that point. I decided it was time for me to study up and start making a change in my own life.

As most of you know, I began practicing yoga, which has had one of the biggest influences on my life. It changed me inside and out. I began to lose weight and become more lean and flexible. I still ate like crap though! My food was almost always consumed on the run, which means there was a lot of fast food and plain out junk in the picture. Not to mention my daily giant Diet Coke which I couldn't live without unless I wanted a major headache and felt like sleeping at work. When I shopped at the grocery store my go-to items were either pre-packaged, frozen, or 'just add 2 eggs and a cup of vegetable oil to'. In other words : processed food. Little did I know, I was essentially eating poison. My perception of eating healthy meant only salads, grilled chicken, zero carbs, and green smoothies. Thus my studies began.


I started taking recipes from health nuts, reading up on cleanses, juicing, and looking up every diet plan on Pinterest I could find. This lead me to looking at vegan diets, vegetarianism, gluten-free - anything and everything! After my research I came to the conclusion that anything besides raw kale will essentially kill me. As you can imagine, I was extremely frustrated and increasingly worried about mine and my husband's health. I found myself laying in bed one night thinking "If God placed, animals, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains on this earth, there HAS to be a purpose for each of them. They can't just be here for no reason!"

Then, like a knight in shining armor the blog Weed 'Em and Reap showed up in my newsfeed. Finally something that made sense! This blog, and several others like it, introduced me to eating REAL FOOD. It's called a Traditional Diet - but to me it's not even a diet at all. It's more of a lifestyle and it's amazing! The basic concept is, don't eat anything your great-great grandmother wouldn't recognize. It's about turning to the wisdom of our ancestors and saying goodbye to fake, processed, scientifically engineered and modified food. It's about embracing real whole food in all it's forms.


 So many people think I am INSANE for drinking whole, raw milk, cooking with heaps of organic butter, eating bread, meat and *gasp* dessert - past 10 o' clock! I always get asked, "aren't you worried about the fat?!!" Well no, I'm not, and you shouldn't be either! Ever since I've embarked on this lifestyle change I've actually lost weight! At first I thought it was because of all the yoga. However, in the last 2 months I haven't practiced as diligently as I was before and I actually maintained my weight! 

By eliminating processed foods my body naturally began to detox and heal itself, which is where I lost weight. Then, by incorporating whole and natural foods, which the body actually recognizes and knows how to digest, I was able to maintain the weight I lost. 

I promise you there is a better way to live than only eating steamed broccoli and low fat dressings. You don't have to spend countless hours at the gym or count calories or drink water with lemon and cayenne pepper to lose weight! 

Now I know you're thinking (or at least I hope you are...) "Breann, show me the way!" Well guys, it's easy, because DaNelle Worlford, the author of Weed 'em and Reap just published an eBook titled "Have Your Cake & Lose Weight Too!". It has all the information you'll need! Bonus, it's actually kind of hilarious too! 


Lucky for you guys, it's actually on sale right now! 

If you ever take any advice from me or this blog, it should be to read this book! It has so much information and I swear it will change the way you look at food and nutrition! It might even change your life!!!

Click here to purchase your own copy of "Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too!"

Please note: I was not asked by Weed 'em and Reap to write this post or promote the sale of the eBook "Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too". Any opinions expressed on Things We Fancy are my own. If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to send them via email to